3D plans of the club

On them you can read in detail about the placement and all the advantages of the club. By clicking on the link you will find more 3D boards.

1. The whole house for 450 euros:
Rent the whole house for 450 euros.
2. Only the clubhouse part - 350 euros:
Rent only the clubhouse part for 350 euros.
3. SPA - 250 euros:
Rental of the spa area only for 250 euros.
4. Spa per hour - 45 euros:
Rent the Spa area for an hour for 45 euros.
5. Over 10 people €25 per guest:
Additional charge for each guest over the 10-person limit is 25 euros.



he History of House No. 13 on Edinburgh Avenue

The text describes the history of House No. 13 on Edinburgh Avenue, tracing its story from its construction at the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. Over the years, this house has had numerous owners and tenants, each of whom has left a mark on its history. Among the stories highlighted is that of a Jewish family who rented rooms with board during the summer season in the 1920s, and the Lutheran pastor and poet Janis Steiks, who owned the house from 1925 to 1931. In 1931, the house was transferred to the student corporation "Lettonia," who cared for it until it was confiscated by the Soviet authorities in 1940. Following that, the house was transformed into a rest home and sanatorium, and in the new millennium, it now hosts the Roayal Club 13.

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Dzintari and Edingburg

Discover the origin of the name of the resort Dzintari, located on the coast of the Gulf of Riga in Latvia. Here, in the 17th century, was the fishing village of Avoty. In 1874, a new settlement was built on its site, named Edinburgh in honor of the Duke of Edinburgh. In 1922, the settlement was renamed Dzintari and became a popular resort with a unique history and natural beauty. During the Nazi occupation, the settlement was again called Edinburgh, but after the liberation of Latvia by Soviet troops, it reverted to its Latvian name. The article also talks about the history of the development of the territory, the changing of street and avenue names in this resort.

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Traveller Review Award 2023

We have received a great award from!
9.3 out of 10 - this is the highest rating given to us by our guests. We are very grateful to all our guests for giving us the opportunity to bring happiness and comfort to the world. It is thanks to you that we are getting better.

You can be sure that a visit to our villa will leave only positive and bright traces in your memory.


Private club VIP class

We offer you to rent a private club equipped with everything you need for a good holiday.
At your service:
  - club area with a stage and light and sound equipment,
  - recreation rooms and VIP bedroom
  - self-contained SPA area with a Finnish sauna and whirlpool baths
  - green area, BBQ

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The house is ideal for celebrations. At your disposal will be an area for a banquet, green area for a photo shoot as well as the staff that we can provide.
All this will allow you to hold the celebration of your dreams. 

After the celebration guests will have a place to stay - there are private rooms provided with everything you need. 



Do you want to spend your birthday with friends?
Then the spa and BBQ area outside is your choice!
In addition to a beautiful Finnish sauna you will have a jacuzzi, massage tables and masseurs at your disposal.
In addition - the area is equipped with a self-contained spa kitchen that you may need.

A hookah? No problem. Just tell us how many hookahs you need.

Jacuzzi with whirlpool? We are sure that you will like it there. The quality of materials is such that is suitable even for photo shoots. 


Corporate party is an important event for team building.

Ordering it with us you can also add to the order of bartender who will serve your event.
Rest rooms are available for tired guests.

Want to continue the banquet? Sauna and Jacuzzi are always at your service!



A wedding is one of the most important events in your life. And the location of the ceremony is of the utmost importance.
Our club has everything you need to hold it. The banquet hall is a green area for photo shoots.

You can form any menu and we will provide the necessary staff.

Children of guests will have a good time in the play area in our closed territory.

Newlyweds will be able to relax in the VIP bedroom.

The 350m2 house combines:

Event area with comfortable sofas, dance floor, bar and professional lighting and sound equipment. Spacious terrace with comfortable sofas. 3 bedrooms.

Spa area with jadeite sauna. Hot tub with whirlpools. Fireplace and cosy sofas. Comfortable massage table.

The price includes: two terraces in the courtyard, professional music equipment, dishes, towels, bed linen, drinking water, tea, coffee and a relaxed atmosphere. A jacuzzi in the courtyard, a barbecue and a heated dome house (glamping) can be rented for an additional fee. 


Club and dance floor

At your disposal is a real dance club - with all its artributes - a bar, a podium for performances.


The club is located in a picturesque corner of Jurmala, and surrounded by trees. The sea is only 800 meters away. 

Summer terrace

Summer terrace club - Jacuzzi, comfortable furniture allow a new appreciation of the benefits of relaxing in nature. There is also a BBQ grill at your disposal.

VIP Apartment 

VIP level apartments are available in the club.


The club area is equipped with professional lighting and sound equipment, everything is ready for the feast!

Rent partially

Splitting the clubhouse into three self-contained zones, allows you to aredo the zone in which you want to relax.

Sauna and Jacuzzi

Separate and self-contained SPA area with massage table, and Finnish sauna - at your complete disposition. In addition, a jacuzzi is available to you.


We will select all the necessary personnel for you.

Payment Methods

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