Lease agreement

Premises Lease Agreement. ____._____________202__.г.
Limited Liability Company Venteto (reg. number 40203248253), hereinafter referred to as the Tenant, represented by board member Larisa Schelokova, acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand, and __________________________
Reg. number/personal code________________, hereinafter referred to as the RENTER, represented by the Chairman of the Board _______________________________, acting on the basis of the Charter on the other hand, have concluded this agreement on the following:

1. Subject matter of the Agreement

1.1. The Tenant shall rent and the RENTER shall lease the premises located at 13 Jedinburgas Avenue in Jurmala, hereinafter referred to as the Premises.
1.2. The Tenant shall lease the following Premises to the RENTER ___________________________________________ 1.3. The Premises shall be leased to the Tenant
from (date,time) ________________________________________
to (date, time) ________________________________________ 1.4. The Premises shall be handed over to the Tenant in the condition in which they are at the day of conclusion of the contract.

2. Rights and obligations of the Tenant

2.1 The Tenant undertakes to provide the Tenant with electricity, water, sewerage, and Wi-Fi throughout the duration of the contract, other services being provided by mutual agreement.
2.2 The Tenant guarantees to the Tenant the uninterrupted use of the premises during the validity of this contract.
2.3 The RENTER shall not be held liable for water, electricity or other system failures, if they are due to circumstances beyond his control.
2.4 The RENTER is entitled to designate another person to receive the payment due to the RENTER instead of the RENTER, which is stipulated for the duration of this contract.
2.5 The RENTER is entitled to set a deposit of 150 EUR (sum insured) to be paid by the RENTER to the LENDOR as an advance payment. The deposit amount shall be refunded within 3 working days after the expiry of the contract.
2.6 The RENTER shall be entitled to establish and charge the RENTER with material compensation for unlawful actions of the RENTER, or for direct or indirect actions of the RENTER that result in material or other losses to the RENTER.

3. RENTER's rights and obligations

3.1 The RENTER has the right to place the necessary equipment in the premises, having agreed this in advance with the RENTER.
3.2 The Tenant undertakes to keep the premises in a cosmetic state and is responsible for the safety of the electricity and sewage systems, the condition of the windows and doors, the internal equipment and the furniture.
3.3 The Tenant undertakes to comply with the rules of the premises, fire safety rules, sanitary regulations for the duration of the entire contract. The rules for the provision of services are part of this contract as Appendix No. 1.
3.4. The Tenant agrees to comply with all the rules prescribed by the Cabinet of Ministers Decree No. 655 of December 6, 2020 "On the introduction of an emergency situation" and its amendments, introduced at the time of signing the contract. The Tenant shall not be held liable for the failure of the Tenant to comply with these rules.
3.5 By leaving the leased premises, the Tenant undertakes to leave them in good working order. Any alterations made to the premises which cannot be removed without damaging the premises shall become the property of the RENTER.
3.6 The RENTER shall be liable for the RENTER's losses due to the fault of the RENTER.
3.7 The RENTER has no right to sublet the premises without the written consent of the RENTER.

4. Settlement procedure

4.1 The Tenant shall pay the Lessee for the rental of the Premises as per
in accordance with the invoices issued.
4.2 The RENTER shall pay for the services on a prepayment basis, unless otherwise agreed. Invoices shall be paid by bank transfer unless otherwise agreed.
4.3 The RENTER shall have the right to request an advance payment to secure the reservation of the Premises.

5. Procedure for amendments, additions and termination of the contract.

5.1. The contract may be amended and/or supplemented. All amendments and additions shall be made in writing and shall form an integral part of the contract.
5.2 The RENTER may unilaterally terminate the contract at any time by giving notice to the RENTER. If the Tenant has paid for the rental of the premises, the full amount of the payment will be refunded if the reservation is cancelled one month before the date of the reservation. If cancelled less than one month prior to the booking date, 30% of the amount paid will not be refunded.
5.3 The RENTER may terminate the contract prematurely if the RENTER does not fulfil the obligations stipulated in the contract.

6. Term of the contract

6.1 This contract shall come into force upon signature and
This contract shall remain in force until the parties have fulfilled their obligations under the contract.

7. Dispute resolution procedure

7.1 Disputable issues between the parties shall be resolved by negotiations, as well as issues that are determined by this contract shall be considered in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

8. Details of the parties and signatures

Vards, uzvards/имя, фамилия:____________________________ перс.код:_____________________________________ адрес:_________________________________________ банк:__________________________________________ счет:___________________________________________ SWIFT:________________________________________________

name: SIA Venteto
reg.number 40203248253
Address: Edinburgas pr.13, Jūrmala, LV-2015
Bank: Paysera LT
Account: LT103500010009126389