Secrets of organizing a small wedding: 10-20 guests


Many couples now choose a small wedding, as they want to celebrate this moment in the circle of the closest people. Today let's talk about how to organize this day, what to consider, what images to choose, how to compose the program of the evening.

A small wedding can be very different: a classic in a restaurant, rustic in nature, a party in a loft. Avoiding a large number of guests allows you to emphasize an interesting decor to emphasize the chosen concept, and the images of the couple.


One of the most important issues in organizing a small and cozy wedding is choosing the right location. There are practically no limits and even the smallest venues will do. Undoubtedly, the choice of a specific location should be guided by the style and concept of the wedding, suitable as a cozy cafe (such as the one where you spent your first date), and country hotels, which can accommodate all the guests.

If you choose a restaurant, be sure to consider the option of a warm and cozy evening: a fireplace, sitting by candlelight - it will add soulfulness to your wedding. For the evening pastime, you can allocate a separate zone: put chairs, poufs, comfortable sofas in the fresh air. In case of coldness, prepare plaids.

You can treat yourself and your guests not just one day of the holiday, but two! Arrange a weekend in nature - you can go out of town together and have an unforgettable wedding weekend.


4 reasons to start celebrating your birthday and make it unforgettable


#1. Celebrating your birthday means having a lot of fun with your friends. In the frantic pace of life, we see each other less and less often. We talk on the phone and text on Viber. Get your best friends together on your birthday and have a good time. Let them celebrate the birthday of someone as wonderful as you.

#2. Celebrating your birthday means being thankful. We often lament the unfairness of life. Something didn't work out, something went wrong... But there are plenty of things you can be thankful for. Make it a habit to write a gratitude list on your birthday. Think back to all the wonderful moments you've experienced over the past year and say "thank you."

#3. Celebrating your birthday means making new plans. Thoughts are tangible, but it's even better to write down your plans and wishes on a piece of paper. Better yet, create a visualization board. As the saying goes: "What is written with a pen, you can't cut down an axe," which means you'll set clear goals for the next year. Even if you do not believe in it now, in a year, rereading the Wish List, make sure: Wish List works, because you subconsciously program yourself to achieve your goals.

#4. Celebrating your birthday is an opportunity to do something silly and crazy. If you act a little silly from time to time, it raises your endorphins, relieves stress, and improves your overall mental health.


What is the right way to relax in the bathhouse?



Remove all accessories and jewelry. Before visiting any steam room it is necessary to clean the skin well, wash off cosmetics. But do not use scrubs - they can be used only at the last stage of bathing procedures. It is important to dry the skin well, because the moisture on it will interfere with sweating. Be sure to protect your head from overheating. To do this, you need a hat - made of felt, lavsan, felt. You can immediately take a set with a mat (so that it was more pleasant to sit) and a glove for washing and massage.

NOTA BEVE: before entering any type of steam room your head should not get wet! In any steam room it is very important to breathe through your nose - the air in your nasopharynx will cool down and moisten.

For the first visit is enough for 3-4 minutes, after rest in a cool pool (up to 18 C). You can make the second and the next visits longer - 8-10 minutes, after that your body will feel better in a pool with water about 12 C. Try adding salt tiles to the stones. Salt vapor clears the respiratory tract, and settling on the skin, the salt gently cleanses and smoothes it. By the way, they are also suitable for a Russian bath. Choose according to the influence of the essential compositions. A 200 gram briquette is enough for about three trips to the sauna.

If you want to strengthen your nervous system, improve your concentration and even your mental abilities, choose rosemary salt tiles.
Orange essential oil tiles are worth choosing for those who want to improve performance and stimulate the immune system.

A salt briquette with thyme is the choice of those who want to harmonize their psychological state, cheer up and at the same time to establish sleep.
To get rid of stress, to relieve breathing will help procedures with a salt briquette with chamomile. By the way, this briquette is enough for about 10 visits to the sauna.




Which one are you? 🙈

There are several types of people at any corporate party:

1. The soul of the company with a dozen jokes for every occasion.
2. The philosopher and politician at the same time.
3. Number one in dancing, always ready to blow up the dance floor.
4. 4. Doesn't part with the phone, because everyone is having a rest, but someone has to work.
5. He is a connoisseur of music, that is why he sings along to every song.
6. Came here mainly because of the food.
7. Decided to summarize the company's work, but he couldn't be heard because of the noise of the music.
8. The chief, who finally let himself relax.

Royal hall in our club is a disco hall with music and light equipment, stage, bar and luxurious interior for events for a company up to 60 persons 🤩

Whoever you are on the list, the Royal Hall is a place for everyone to have fun and relax for many months to come 💫




It all supposedly began as early as the 5th century BC, when the Greek thinker and scientist Herodotus created a technique for using mineral water for therapeutic purposes.

A little later the famous healer Hippocrates mentioned in his works about the benefits and amazing qualities of sea, salt and river water. Thus was born balneology, a branch of medical science that studied the origin and physical and chemical properties of mineral waters.

The Romans went even further. Taking the experience of the Greeks as an example, they invented baths - thermae became not only a place for banal washing but also for a whole complex of procedures (therapeutic and rejuvenating). Over time, thermae became a kind of club where you could eat, discuss the latest news, and even make important decisions.

If gladiatorial games, wars, or thermae were suddenly taken away from the Romans, the state would simply disappear. Without all this, the Romans could not live:) The people of a city in Gaul were constantly being robbed by raiders, so they didn't ask the authorities for protection, but for regular gladiatorial fights.

So it was with the thermae. In the remotest corners of the empire and the most remote estates there were bound to be thermae. Small, dark, cramped and uncomfortable, but they had to be! And in some villages, even several.

Wealthy Romans visited luxurious thermae with a wide range of additional services. Men organized a kind of "hobby club" here, they could play sports, and there were "beauty salons" for women. There were also a kind of "cafes" where you could get a bite to eat.
Today, the details have changed - but the essence - recreation and communication in a comfortable environment remain the same. And Royal Club 13 will give you everything you expect - and more.

The Royal Club 13 SPA area includes two spacious lounge with white upholstered sofas, jadeite sauna, hot tub, fireplace, two showers and two toilets, massage table, TV, music center, and of course, a pleasant atmosphere. Under the singing birds in the garden you can relax on the terrace, where there are comfortable sofas, tables for snacks, swings, barbecue. The price includes: bathrobes, towels, slippers, drinking water, tea and coffee.

For extra cost you can rent:
- Japanese Furako Jacuzzi in the garden, both cold and hot and spend unforgettable time with friends or loved ones.
- Transparent domes (Glamping) for sleeping and relaxing.
- Grill / barbecue, coals / gas.

We are waiting for you to visit us!


How to hold a bachelor party? Benefits of Royal Club 13


The groom's plans include a bachelor party, a party with friends that will be memorable with unusual entertainment and excitement.
It is best to hold a strictly masculine event a couple of weeks before the wedding. Organising a party for friends a few days in advance runs the risk of missing one of the main guests of the event. Most men associate it with cool entertainment, so you don't want to say goodbye to your single life a couple of days before your wedding.
Your options are...
- A weekend trip to the seaside, yacht hire or an unforgettable night out at a nightclub is perfect for those on a budget;
- A house party in the countryside or in a rented flat is an option for men who prefer a cosy get-together with friends;
- a stag party at a riverside resort - a win-win choice for nature lovers and anglers;

Why choose Royal Club 13?

You rent out the clubhouse and only the people and staff you personally choose will be there - and can trust.

A bachelor party can hardly be called a bachelor party without a sauna. At Royal Club 13 you'll also have a jacuzzi, shisha lounge, comfy sofas and a fireplace. And of course the rooms are for relaxing.

If you do not have time for this, you can entrust us with finding the best personnel - from a masseur or a barman to a hookah maker or a host.

We can offer a more interesting price than the classic clubs - offering premium interior design and surroundings. You get the comfort of the inside - with the option of outdoor activities as well. Just look at the pictures of the Royal Club 13 to see for yourself.

A bar and bar area, a sauna stage and a Jacuzzi - allowing you to divide your event into stages.


A hen party is not just a party, but a full-fledged celebration for you and your girl friends


Do you want to get away from the preparations and give yourself an unforgettable evening? In this article we have collected the best ideas for a hen party!

If you are throwing a party your friend, specify from her what kind of things she likes or dislikes, so as not to miss and arrange a bachelorette party that will please the bride first of all.

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Art-party for a bachelorette party in Royal Club 13 - guests gather in the studio and with the help of a leading professional artist draw their little masterpiece - a real painting. Drawing experience is not required.


A win-win variant for a warm time of year. To remember this day for a long time, it is important to think about its aesthetics and filling. Useful beautiful basket for a picnic, plaids, glasses for champagne or wine, light snacks, flowers, the same accessories for your girlfriends: for example, straw hats or kerchiefs. Consider the option of outdoor activities - you can bring badminton or Frisbee. The green area at Royal Club 13 is perfect for this.


Depending on the occasion of the gathering - a sauna with a Jacuzzi may be quite appropriate, followed by a warm evening by the fire in the fireplace. It's a comfortable time for long and intimate conversations. Sauna and Jacuzzi in Royal Club 13 will not leave your girl friends unimpressed.


Some awesome ways to celebrate a birthday


Whether you're 16 or 60, almost everyone loves birthdays. Not sure how to celebrate the day? This post is for you!

1. rent a villa for your birthday
2. Organize a themed party. The option is easier, cheaper, and without the long-distance travel. For a birthday party to be memorable and unique, it should have a certain theme, style.There are many themes for birthday parties: superheroes, Middle Ages, fantasy, Star Wars, James Bond theme, etc. It all depends on the age, hobbies and imagination of the birthday boy.

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3. Birthday outdoors. Dreamed of celebrating this holiday surrounded by picturesque forests, on the shores of a lake or in the mountains? This is a unique experience that is definitely worth trying. Rent a cabin away from civilization or buy tents altogether, pack your backpacks and go camping with friends to celebrate your birthday around a campfire.
4. Put on a magic show. Most people have never been to a real magic show. It's a terrific way to celebrate a birthday, especially for kids. You'll need the services of a professional birthday party planner and talented illusionists to put everything together to the highest standard.
5. A long-awaited meeting. If you've been on business and haven't seen your dear ones in the last few years, get together for a birthday party. A wonderful occasion to meet those who have played an important role in your life.

Well, and the secret is that all this can be realized in our RoyalClub 13:)


How to hold a corporate party? Tips from the event agency Magic Factory


There are no small budgets, there is a lack of good ideas. It's not the impressive estimate that makes a great corporate event, but good ideas and competent planning. In addition, when you yourself prepare the event you have a significant trump card - you, like no one else, know all the intricacies of internal policy and corporate culture of the company, and it is this circumstance will help to focus on the useful aspects of the event for your team.

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Choosing a concept

Do not even try to Google ready-made solution! Look at the event industry news - yes, ask about trends - of course, but all this should serve to help organize, not a guide to direct imitation.

Finding a location

The importance of choosing a location for the event is difficult to overestimate, so do not stop at the standard options. With enviable constancy there are new interesting and original locations, so if they fit into the format of your event - why not try something fresh and non-standard?

The script of the event

As a rule, most corporate events have a formal and an entertaining part, so it is important to combine them harmoniously. Plan the event so that it was holistic and balanced: competently alternate the top management speeches, numbers of the show program and entertainment in the activity areas.

If you decide to call professionals, note that for a quality and spectacular show artists will need special professional equipment: sound, light and other attributes.

Royal Club 13 meets all these criteria well - we have everything you need. We'll help with planning and staffing. And we already have all the equipment you need!
We'll be glad to see you!


Bathing and emotional well-being 🌿


We've already had a post about the physical health benefits of a sauna. Now we want to tell you how bathing can help you restore your emotional balance.

▫️ The release of toxins has an emotional reset effect. This leaves the person feeling stronger and more energetic.

▫️ Taking care of your body brings a feeling of emotional satisfaction.

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▫️ Being able to be alone with yourself gives you new experiences and helps to tone up your mental health. Have you ever noticed how quiet the steam room is? This is the most important moment for your mind to be rejuvenated.

The beneficial virtues of sauna can be listed for a long time, but we recommend that you experience them for yourself at Royal Club 13.

❇️ Rent the Spa for only €250 per day or €40 per hour if you pay by the hour. Up to 10 guests per night. Up to an additional €25 per person.

❇️ whole clubhouse for €450 per night.
❇️ Rental of the clubhouse (without spa) €350 per night.

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Spring is the time to breathe in


In spring, nature renews itself, and man also needs a renewal. To shake off the remnants of winter, to welcome warmth and to feel it within ourselves so that we can begin a new phase of life.

What can make you feel refreshed?

✅ Take care of your physical well-being. For this, we have a spa area with various therapies, a sauna and a whirlpool, fresh air and even an open-air Japanese Furako whirlpool.

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✅ Relieve fatigue. The Royal Club 13 offers an environment where you can take a break, distance yourself from stress and feel relaxed and carefree.

Get a boost of positive energy. The club has everything for a memorable party or corporate event. Dancing, music and bright evening in company of "friendly people" - what can be more pleasant?

Current prices for our guests:
Whole club rental €450 per day.
Clubhouse rental (without Spa) €250 per day.
Spa rental €250 per day, €40 per hour.
The price is for up to 10 people, afterwards for each guest + €25.

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Summer is around


Summer is passing and yet it's around 😇 The balance of work 🧠 and rest these days - has become particularly acute 👀. We work 🥸 always when we are awake and this rhythm is exhausting 🤬 It has long been known 🧐 - the most effective rest is water 💦 treatments and sauna 🌊.

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Summer is passing and yet it's around 😇 The balance of work 🧠 and rest these days - has become particularly acute 👀. We work 🥸 always when we are awake and this rhythm is exhausting 🤬 It has long been known 🧐 - the most effective rest is water 💦 treatments and sauna 🌊.
Contact with water relaxes the psyche 🧎
Water treatments have the following therapeutic effects:
- 🩸 blood circulation is improved;
- ⛹️♂️ the metabolic processes are activated;
- 🤌 relaxation;
- exercise the vascular walls;
- 🤠 tissue repair and regeneration, skin turgor and elasticity are improved; - ❤️ pain relief occurs;
- 💁♀️ psychological effect: improvement of sleep, wellbeing and stress resistance;
- ✨ immunity is stimulated.

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Hosting a corporate event


People who work not just for the money, but "for the idea", work more efficiently and generate more profit. Business owners in Europe and America realised this in the last 20th century and modern companies use it in their corporate culture. You can unite a team around a corporate idea, bring a team together.

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Being together helps to smooth out the difficulties and build a good team atmosphere. A club with professional music and lighting equipment is at your disposal:
1st floor: - Baroque room with Campari sofas and bar seating for 25. - Kitchen: 2 professional refrigerators (incl. ice), microwave, Cimbali coffee machine, top quality bar and kitchen utensils, drinking water, tea, coffee.
- Spa area: hot tub, Finnish Sauna, 2 lounge areas with comfortable sofas and chairs, fireplace, massage table, TV, fridge, microwave; bathrobes, towels, slippers. 2nd floor:
- 2 bedrooms for 6, 2 showers, 2 toilets.
- Terrace with sofas and access to garden.

3rd floor: - Bedroom-bedroom with large bed, shower, WC.
Also: 4 showers, 7 toilets and 8 TVs throughout the clubhouse.
- Bed linen, personal hygiene products, first aid kit, plaids.
Garden area: - 2 gazebo, 4 transparent (heated) glamping domes, children area with toys and slide, Japanese Furaco Jacuzzi, grill and barbecue with gas or coals.
📞 +371 27187980




The Royal Club 13 complex is the best place to organise and host a wedding. A comfortable banqueting hall for up to 25 people. Outdoor summer terraces, restaurant lounges, and an alfresco canopy lounge. Where to hold your wedding? This is often one of the most difficult questions, as an institution must meet many criteria: availability of a picturesque place or a beautiful room for the wedding party, the level of the venue, quality of service, location, etc. And it is the Royal Club that meets these requirements 100%.

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A club with professional music and lighting equipment is at your disposal:
1st floor:
- Baroque room with Campari sofas seating 25 and a bar.
- Kitchen: 2 professional refrigerators (incl. ice), microwave, Cimbali coffee machine, top quality bar and kitchen utensils, drinking water, tea, coffee.
- Spa area: hot tub, Finnish Sauna, 2 lounge areas with comfortable sofas and chairs, fireplace, massage table, TV, fridge; bathrobes, towels, slippers.

2nd floor:
- 2 bedrooms for 6, 2 showers, 2 toilets.
- Cosy terrace with sofas and access to the garden. 3rd floor:
- Bedroom boudoir with large bed, shower, WC.

Also: 4 showers, 7 toilets and 8 TVs throughout the clubhouse.
- Bed linen, hygiene products, first-aid kit, plaids.
Garden: - 2 pergolas, 4 transparent (heated) glamping domes, children's area with toys and slide, Japanese Furako Jacuzzi, grill and barbecue with gas or coals.