Terms and conditions of services 31.10.2023

These rules are designed SIA DIO Group board that determine for the visitors (hereinafter - Guests) "ROYAL CLUB 13" (hereinafter - Premises) order of services, safety, health and other requirements that must be obeyed by the Guests, the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Guests (hereinafter - Regulations). The Rules are designed to regulate the relations between the parties, to ensure the recreation of Guests and to prevent misunderstandings, injuries and losses. All Guests, regardless of age, must comply with the Rules. Prior to visiting the Premises and receiving services the Guests shall read the Rules and comply with them. These rules are developed in accordance with the normative acts in force in the Republic of Latvia.

1. The rights to lease "ROYAL CLUB 13" (hereinafter Premises) shall belong to the SIA DIO Group, registration number 40203518213, legal address: Mārupes nov., Babītes pag., Mežāres, Sējēju iela 7.

2. Reservation of the Room is made upon receipt of an application by phone, email or other means of communication which clearly indicates that the application comes from the client, and the application can be accepted in person, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. In order to guarantee the reservation, the Guest may, by joint agreement, pay an advance amount, unless the contract stipulates otherwise.

3. Prices for services are determined by the price list of the Premises, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties.

4. The following services shall be provided at the client's request at no extra charge: calling an ambulance, using a medical kit.

5.The presence of pets in the Premises is prohibited. For violation of this item a fine of 100 euros is applied. Keeping pets in the Premises can be agreed separately, Guests may be charged extra for this.

6. If damage is caused to the Premises, property, equipment or personnel, as well as other Guests, the amount of compensation for the damage shall be appointed by the Administration or determined by the court. The Administration reserves the right to withhold compensation from the deposit amount.

7. Payment for services is made by bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. All prices are in euros. All invoices are in euros. If the deposit has not been paid or has already been spent, additional services in the Premises are provided to Guests only on payment in advance for each service, excluding bar services, where payment is made when the service is rendered on delivery.

8. Minors are the responsibility of the accompanying parent (guardian) or relative. The administration is not responsible for the presence on the territory of the club of underage persons, does not keep an eye on them, is not responsible for their actions and the consequences of such actions.

9. The Guest shall inform the person in charge in good time of any delay in departure. The Administration has the right to refuse to use the opportunity to prolong your stay in the Premises and to delay beyond the scheduled check-out time. In such case, it is the Guest's responsibility to vacate the Premises by the appointed time.

10. It is forbidden to bring into the Premises any weapons, drugs, psychotropic substances, explosives, poisonous and bad smelling means and objects. It is forbidden to be in the Room with clothes, items, products, luggage that can damage or break the property or cause damage to other Guests. The Administration
reserves the right to prohibit access to the Premises to such persons.

11. It is not allowed in the public area of the Premises to rearrange furniture, turn off lights, be in outer clothing, put your feet on the table. It is forbidden to leave outerwear on chairs, sofas, tables. It is not permitted to use rooms that have not been agreed upon and paid for.

12. If the keys to the Premises are lost, the Guest shall notify the Administration immediately. In the event of loss of the key the Guest shall pay a compensation of €100. It is not allowed to give the keys to third parties.

13. Windows may not be opened if air conditioning is on. Close windows and doors before leaving the Rooms.

14. Smoking is prohibited in the Premises. Smoking is permitted only in a designated area. If a Guest smokes in the Premises, the Guest will be charged a general cleaning fee of €200 for the room and €350 for cleaning in the common areas. If the Guest smokes in non-smoking areas, the Administration has the right to ask the Guest to leave the Room, or the right to refuse to provide the service because of a violation of the Use Policy.

15. Guests are required to comply with fire safety rules, rules for the use of electrical appliances and sanitary regulations.

16. It is not allowed to bring and consume alcoholic beverages in the Premises without the consent of the Administration;
- render any services or sell any goods;
- to gamble for money.

17. Without the special permission of the Administration it is forbidden to make professional photo and video shooting. The professional includes any shooting with the use of professional techniques and equipment (especially with the use of tripods, lighting and other equipment), with which the images or videos intended for use in the media or at commercial resources are made. When using professional cameras for personal purposes, guests are asked not to use flash photography in public areas and to shy away from photographing or videotaping other guests. It is not permitted to knowingly or unintentionally use images of other Guests in a photo-video or film shoot without their prior consent.

18.The Administration has the right to refuse accommodation and services to persons who disturb the rest and accommodation of other guests, as well as those who violate these rules. The Administration has the right to terminate the contract and ask for immediate payment for the services already provided and to leave the Premises. In case of gross violation of the rules the Administration has the right to inform the state and local government police. 

19. The Administration is not responsible for the safety of the belongings and property of the Guests.

20. Guests without permission of the Administration are not allowed to bring and use their own music equipment - music center, karaoke, audio-video equipment for musical accompaniment, etc. The agreement with the Administration is obligatory. Penalty for violation of this item - 300 EUR.

21. If the room is rented by a person under the age of 22 years, until the time of occupancy, such person must submit to the Administration by sending a WhatsApp +37127187980 or e-mail info@royalclub13.lv:
- a copy of passport;
- address;
- Name and contact number of one of the parents.
At the unilateral decision of the Administration, copies of identity documents must be provided by any person renting the premises. The absence of documents in an acceptable format is grounds for unilateral termination of the rental agreement by the Administration. Prepaid funds in this case are not refundable.